How to Make Felt Succulents

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Finding a new hobby can be a difficult task. It takes time, dedication, and the right tools to learn something new – not to mention that the materials needed for most hobbies are costly! In this article, we’ll look at how you can make your own felt succulents – which are easy to do, require limited supplies and don’t cost too much.

Succulent history

Making felt succulents is a simple way to add a colorful and whimsical addition to any garden. Succulents are plants that absorb water and nutrients through their leaves rather than through their roots. This makes them perfect for growing in containers or in soil, but it can be difficult to keep them alive in climates that are too hot or too cold. Felt succulents are a great solution for people who want to grow succulents but don’t have the time or space to do so. They require very little care and can be grown almost anywhere.

To make a felt succulent, you will need:
-One piece of felt (any color you like)
-Paint or a marker
-Ruler or measuring tape
-Tape measure
-Water bottle
-Sandpaper (optional)
-Sticker (optional)

To make the felt succulent, first determine the size of your plant. Cut the felt into a circular shape that is slightly larger than the pot your plant will be placed in. Paint or write on the outside of the circle with a marker or paint. Make sure to leave a margin around the edge of the circle so that you have room to cut out the shape of your plant. (see photo) Next, measure the circumference of your pot, then add 2.5 inches to that measurement and cut out the circle using a pair of scissors. Using sandpaper, gently smooth out the edge of the felt so that it can be sewn together without causing any damage to either it or your plant inside. (You can also use a glue gun for this task). It is also important to make sure that you sew along the edges of the shape so that no thread ends up poking through onto your plant. If you are using a glue gun, remember to buy one with no metal tip before beginning! However, if you want to avoid the hassle of attaching anything by hand , you can also use clear double-sided adhesive tape to attach the felt circles to the pot’s surface.

Step 2 – Attach Your Felt Circle By Threading your needle, begin attaching one side of the felt on top of your pot. (Do not sew through both layers!) You want to be sure that you leave a small amount of space along the edge so that you can easily cut out your circle shape with scissors. Once you have sewn the felt, turn the plant over and repeat on the other side of the pot.

Note: If you are using double-sided adhesive tape, still sew along the edges so that no thread ends up poking through into your plant!

Step 3 – Create Your Final Shape By cutting out your circular shape from the felt. If you have purchased pre-cut circles, you will want to cut them out in sections. See our guide on how to make your own felt pot covers for more tips on how we do it here at the shop!Step 4 – Attach Your Pot Cover Finally, place the circle of felt between two layers of double-sided tape and use the extra adhesive to attach it to your pot. This will keep your plastic wrap or paper towel in place while you water, and prevent it from unwrapping itself as you go.

Honestly though, it’s not that hard! It’s a solid little project that is just plain fun to make which is why we wanted to share with you

How to make felt flowers

Making felt succulents is a fun and easy way to add some colorful flowers to your garden. You can use any type of felt, but cotton or flannel are the easiest to work with. Here are the steps:

  1. Cut a piece of felt approximately 18 inches by 12 inches.
  2. Fold the felt in half so that the long edges are together.
  3. Sew the folded edge together using a running stitch or a zigzag stitch.
  4. Cut off the excess fabric around the edge of the felt.
  5. Trim off any extra fabric on one side of the felt so that it is now a square shape.
  6. Place the square of felt onto a work surface and place another piece of felt on top of it, so that the two edges of the squares are facing outwards.
  7. Sew the two sides of the squares together using a running stitch or a zigzag stitch, being careful not to sew through the center of either square.
  8. Turn each piece of felt so that it is now facing inwards, and press down firmly onto the seam allowance to make sure it is securely sewn together.

Flower facts

When succulents are in bloom, they emit a sweet odor that is irresistible to bees. This floral fragrance attracts other animals to the plant as well, including birds and butterflies. Succulent flowers are not only pretty to look at, but they also have interesting botanical properties.

The leaves of many succulents are actually modified stems. These stems can be thick and fleshy or thin and delicate, but they all have one common feature: They are covered in a layer of water-repelling bark. This characteristic is what allows succulents to grow by taking up water and air rather than soil. When the weather becomes dry, the stem dries out and cracks open, releasing the water stored inside.

Some succulents produce bulbs that store food for the plant during times of drought. When conditions become favorable again, these bulbs release their nutrients and hungry plants can start growing again quickly. Succulent plants make great additions to any garden because they require little care and are very drought tolerant.

Steps to making a felt succulent

If you’ve ever seen a felt succulent, you know they are some of the coolest plants around. They’re easy to make and only take a few minutes to do. Here are the steps to making your very own felt succulent:

  1. Start with a piece of felt that is about twice the size of your plant.
  2. Make sure the edges of the felt are fray-free so they will stick together well when you sew them together.
  3. Cut out a shape from the felt that looks like a root ball or flower stem. You can make it any shape you want, but it should be small enough so that it can fit inside the larger piece of felt.
  4. Sew the top and bottom of the smaller piece of felt together so that it forms an enclosure for your plant.
  5. Stick your plant inside the felt enclosure and sew around the edges so that they are securely attached. Be sure not to sew too close to the plant’s roots, or you’ll end up with a plant that doesn’t grow!
  6. Now all you have to do is wait for your succulent to grow!

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