How Often to Water Outdoor Succulents in Small Pots

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How Often to Water Outdoor Succulents in Small Pots

There are different types of succulents and they need different amounts of water to thrive; with that in mind, it’s important to know how often you should be watering your plants. In this article, we’ll cover the most common succulents and what type of environment they prefer.

How to Water Outdoor Succulents

Watering succulents is a common question asked by succulent newbies. Here is a guide on how often to water outdoor succulents in small pots.

The frequency of watering depends on the climate, soil type, and size of the pot. In general, though, you should water succulents once a week during the summer and once every two weeks during the winter. If the soil feels dry and cracked, water them more frequently.

If your succulent is in a clay pot with good drainage, you can skip watering it altogether during the winter. However, if your succulent is in a plastic or fiberglass pot with no drainage, you will need to water it more frequently during the winter because the soil will become saturated.

Succulents like to have their roots in moist soil so if you water them too much, it will cause them to rot. When watering succulents make sure that the pot is full of water before adding soil so that the water goes straight into the root system.

The Exact Amount of Water Needed by Your Plant

When it comes to watering succulents, many people think that a little bit of water is all that they need. However, this is not always the case. In fact, depending on the type of succulent and its environment, you may need to water your succulent more often than you think.

There are a few factors to consider when watering your succulent: the type of succulent, the climate where it is located, and how large the pot is. Here are some guidelines for watering succulents in small pots:

Container Size: If the pot is smaller than 2 inches in diameter at the largest point, then you should Water once a week. If the pot is 2-4 inches in diameter at the largest point, then you should Water every two weeks. If the pot is 4-6 inches in diameter at the largest point, then you should Water every three weeks.

Type of Succulent: If you have a Cactus or Horned Succulent, then you will need to Water more frequently than if you have an Echeveria or Sempervivum.

Climate: Whether it is hot or cold outside has a lot to do with how often you Water your Succulents. When the weather is hot, you should Water more often than if it is cold outside. If you have Cool Weather Hardy Succulents (e.g., Batavia or Echeveria), then you should Water less frequent than if you have Hot Weather Hardy Succulents (e.g., Sedum).If it’s Hot: You can try watering once a week when the weather is hot, but for many succulents, this will be too much especially during the summer months when temperatures go up to 100 degrees or higher.Cold or Cool: You won’t need to Water as frequently if it is cold outside because most plants don’t do well in cooler temperatures. In some climates,

How Often to Water in Summer and Winter

Watering succulents in summer and winter is a personal preference. Some people water them every day, some every other day, and some only once a week. The best way to determine how often your succulent needs water is to measure the water level in the pot and then make adjustments accordingly. Succulents store water in their leaves and stems, so if the soil is dry the leaves will shrivel or turn brown and the plant will not grow.

How Often to Water in a Small Pot

Succulents need water on a regular basis, but how often you need to water them will depend on the type of succulent and the size of the pot.
The most important thing to remember is to check the soil every day and water if it is dry. For desert plants in a small pot, every other day may be adequate. For rosettes or cacti in a larger pot, water every day.


It can be hard to know how often to water succulents in small pots, as their needs vary depending on the type of succulent and the environment they are growing in. Generally speaking, most succulents need water weekly if kept in a well-drained soil mix, but some may only need watering every other week or once a month. As long as you check your plants regularly and give them enough water when they appear dry, you should be fine!

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