Hello, there! Munaza Firdous is my name…

Since 2017, I’ve been raising succulents. I was very excited and naive when I acquired my first two succulents.

I began studying everything I could and experimenting furiously. I started propagating succulents and purchased more, and within a year i got too many succulents

I wasn’t growing succulents in the “ideal” climate; instead, I had them on my basement apartment’s window ledge. In reality, I’ve never had the “ideal” atmosphere for succulents since then, despite having a growing collection of over 150 succulents.

I made numerous errors along the way. More succulents have been drowned, burned, frozen, and starved than I care to remember. That’s why I made this website: to assist you to avoid making the same mistakes I did with my succulents, or to help them recover if required.

But for every succulent I’ve accidentally killed, I’ve managed to keep hundreds more alive and well – and I know you can, too!

I understand how much joy these small plants can offer you, and I’m here to make care for them as simple as possible.

I was passionate about Succulents so I assemble a blog on succulents and I have investigated each and everything exhaustively and imparted my insight to People liberated from cost but I also know that I have to explain and prove that before others will believe it. So, I make videos and upload them to my YouTube channel. If you want to learn about Succulents then Start with the basics on the Succulents Plant Hub, then let’s work together to make your succulents look their best!

Might you want to purchase outside, indoor Succulents however aren’t don’t know what to pick and where to get them?

Have you at any point purchased an item just to figure out later that it was not the right one for your requirements? My experience incited me to make succulentsplanthub.com

The Succulents Plant Hub’s central goal is basic: to make the world’s best succulents item choice surveys.

We want to guide you with the world’s best succulents plant audits in light of goal, autonomous testing, with evaluations, grants, and master bits of knowledge that empower you to pick the right items for your particular requirements, spending plan, and interests.

If you need any help regarding Buying Succulents and how to propagate and care of succulents you can Contact with me at any time.